BubbaDeluxe Multiwrap - Kaylie Floral

BubbaDeluxe Multiwrap - Kaylie Floral

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This wrap is not just a pretty piece of fabric. This wrap will work hard for you.

We are mad fans of multi-tasking, killing multiple birds with one stone (terrible saying!) and of things that have many functions.

And from this love of multi-functionality, the Multiwrap was born. 

It's a...

- Swaddle

- Pram sunshade / windbreak / insulation

- Breastfeeding cover

- Car capsule cover

It's stretchy and soft and has press studs in each corner as well as a loop halfway along the edge - these studs are the secret to this wrap being able to do all these marvellous things. See the images for ideas on how to use the Multiwrap to it's full potential!

Being fans also of amazing colours and prints, we included this fun element into the design too.



Soft and stretchy viscose/spandex



168cm x 68cm


Enjoy! And we'd love to hear about other uses you come up with for your Multiwrap!