Wooden Toy Truck & Trailer

Wooden Toy Truck & Trailer

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Beautifully handcrafted from silky oak, our collection of wooden toys are made with love by a gorgeous family in Toowoomba, Queensland.

A stunning gift, or a special piece for your own little one’s playroom, these quality toys are finished with child-safe oils to preserve the natural wood.

Small Plane Dimensions:
Length - 18cm
Height - 9cm
Width - 9cm

Small Car Dimensions:
Length - 15cm
Height - 7.5cm
Width - 5.5cm

Small Bus Dimensions:
Length - 14.5cm
Height - 8cm
Width - 5.5cm

Small Truck and Trailer Dimensions:
Truck Length - 16cm
Truck Height - 8cm
Truck Width - 5.5cm

Trailer Length - 24cm
Trailer Height - 5cm
Trailer Width - 5.5cm